Top 5 Food and Drink for a Unicorn Party

by Donald Li on September 16, 2020

Planning to host a unicorn themed party? Congratulations! You’ve made a popular choice that many of your guests will love. But wait. Throwing a unicorn party will not be easy. Simply buying some balloons, headbands, and paper dishes will land your party in an ordinary position. Want your guests to talk about your parties even months after your event? You should put some heart and soul in the unicorn food and drinks you serve at the party.

  • Unicorn smash cake
  • A unicorn smash cake is a must for your unicorn party, no matter it’s a birthday party or for any other purposes. Make it 1 tier or 2 tiers follow the step by step recipe. The cake will make your dessert table a highlight. Everyone will want to take a photo with it.

  • Unicorn popcorn
  • Invited kids for your party? They will love your yummy unicorn popcorn! Making the popcorn itself can be an exciting activity that get the kids into the kitchen. Have fun popping.

  • Unicorn pancakes
  • Unicorn pancakes will be an ideal choice to fill the guests’ stomach at the party. Follow these steps to add some colors to your ordinary pancakes and make them magical.

  • Unicorn smoothie
  • Smoothie does not only belong to summer. A unicorn smoothie has its market all year round. Holding the smoothies in a unicorn glass or unicorn mug will make your smoothie more appealing and fun.

  • Unicorn Oreos
  • You may still need some cookies to decorate your table. Add some unicorn horns and cream eyelashes to the Oreos can turn your cookies into a beautiful unicorn décor.


    I hope that these five food and drinks recipes can help you make your unicorn party a huge hit among your guests. Wait no more. Start planning your unicorn party now!

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