Wine Glasses: A Functional Choice for Gifting

by Donald Li on May 10, 2020

Buying gifts can be mind storming. But what if I tell you that there’s one gift that can always be the best choice to go for? Well, not making you guess more, by that one special gift I referred to a wine glasses gift. Aren’t they functional in every situation? Be it the idea of an excellent gift for mom, sister, or best friend, wine glass gifts saves the day. 

But there’s always something that you can overlook even in the best of the gift items. Hence, there’s no harm in doing a little research on them. Isn’t it? So, here it goes. Here are little details that you might miss out on if you don’t pay a little attention to your very quintessential gift item.


Anatomy Of Wine glasses

anatomy of wine glass

If you take a closer look at wine glasses, they are composed of four parts – the base, the stem, the bowl, and the rim. Speaking of which, it also has variants in its functionality. 

The top edge of the wine glass also known as the rim, where your mouth meets the wine, has its own authenticity. If we talk about the best wine glasses of fine quality, the rim is thin and smooth in texture, maintaining the flow of wine to your lips. However, lower quality wine glasses may have a thicker rim with more of a texture that may distract you from the entire wine experience. So, choose wisely! 

The bowl is arguably the most important feature of the glass. Considering a wine could taste like good for nothing if not made a perfect swirl. And to do that, the bowl should be large enough to comfortably swirl the wine without spilling or splashing it. And of course, nonetheless, it should be tapered to retain and concentrate the aroma of the wine. 

Speaking of full-bodied red wine needs room to breathe and to release their aroma. Therefore, nothing better than a wine glass with a larger bowl is needed to serve these wines. 

However, if you talk about white wine they are typically served in smaller glasses, ones with “U” shapes that are narrower enough to let the aroma be released and also keeps a balance in the temperature, by keeping it cool. Last but not the least, flute wine glasses are often used to serve sparkling wines. Flute wine glasses gift helps the bubbles last longer. 

The base is what gives the glass its stability. Stem gives elongation while giving the customer something to hold on to without raising the temperature of the wine within. The best part is that it keeps the glass safe from being imprinted by fingerprints. Meanwhile, stemless wine glasses are gaining popularity among casual drinkers. The stemless design makes it easy to wash and store, and safe to hold. 

Now that we have studied a little about the preferred shapes of wine glasses that you can give your friends and family. How about we learn a little about its glassware. Well, here it goes.


Types of Wine Glasses

You can find dozens of varieties when looking for a wine glass gift set. And you need to be aware of the parts of a wine glass, but you also need to be well aware of the type of glassware. In fact, different types of wine have different stemware recommendations. Here are a few of the most common types of wine glasses available for a variety of wine that is usually poured with the glass.

cheers with wine glasses

Bordeaux glass:

Are you a rich red wine fan like cabernet sauvignon and syrah? Well, this tall Bordeaux wine glasses gift would be just the perfect set. They have generous bowls giving enough space for aromas to develop and for the wine to breathe. However, if we look into the category of wine glasses, Bordeaux stemless glass rocks the set. They are not just gorgeous glasses but also add sanity to the drink. 


Burgundy glass:

However, if you fancy softer red wines like pinot noir, burgundy wine glasses gift is the perfect pick. This glass has a wider bowl and a more tapered shape to the rim contributing to a perfect swirl to a smooth velvety wine flavor. Speaking of which also reminds me to include stemless Burgundy wine glasses adding an unavoidable addition to the set. They have their own charm of collection and its wider bowl gives the wine enough room to breathe making it aromatic. 


White wine glass:

White wine admirers must opt for shorter glasses with a more proportioned bowl. Aren’t white wines known for their crisp flavors and acidity? Well, these shorter white wine glasses gift sets are just meant for them. But, what if I’d say you also have a choice of stemless white wine glasses. It would make an adorable set of wine glasses making you brag about how fine your choices are. Not to mention, the taste of wine gets incredibly wonderful when poured into it.   


Champagne flute:

Champagne lovers in the house? A flute is told to be the best glassware for the bubbly white wine. They are tall and narrow glasses designed especially to highlight the popping fizz of these types of champagne white wines.  Looking forward, you always have a choice to toast your champagne in a stemless champagne flute glass making it look a little authentic.


Rose wine glass:

Moving on to the pink hued wines like Recas Sanziana Pinot Grigio Rosé, rose wine glasses are highly recommended. The wine glass for these types of wines has a short bowl topped with a flared lip. The shape accentuates the sweetness of these types of wines. In addition to the type of wine glasses you could opt for, a stemless rose wine glass stands the odds and makes a great piece of wine glasses set. 


Dessert wine glass:

Glasses serving dessert wines always go for dessert wine glasses designed for the petite serving size. They are an ideal choice for a quick burst of sweet flavor that a dessert wine is known for. You could also try a stemless dessert wine glass to pour the splendidly sweetened wine leaving a remarkable impression to your guests or the host you give them to. 


    All of the above-mentioned facts about wine glasses are a must consider when planning to purchase wine glasses. They play a very important role in emphasizing the taste of wines. No matter when you are visiting, this is just the perfect gift. Accompany it with the wine your host likes and just the right glasses.


    These little details tell them that you care and you took it while you had them in your mind. This would definitely make their day. Why settle for a gift without keeping details in your head. Hope you shop the best wine glasses gift set for your host. This for sure is going to leave your host with a great impression. And why not, fine choices make a fine impression. Go and shop the best wine stemless glasses and save the day! 

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