Birthday Wine Glasses Buying Guide

    For grown-ups, a birthday will be imperfect without wine. A happy birthday wine glass can be one of the safest birthday gift choices. 

    Our birthday wine glass collection consists of well-thought designs for different birthdays, and different families or friends. Choose one to add to your birthday gift basket. 

    Material for the birthday wine glass:

    Glass: The traditional and most common type of wine glass is, of course, made of glass. Onebttl select high-quality lead-free glass for every glass in our birthday wine glass collection, to make sure every item has the clarity for the look and help maintain the original taste for the wine. You can choose the traditional birthday wine glass for friends and family would love to do a wine tasting at home.

    Stainless Steel: Another material we often use in our Onebttl wine glass collection is stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable for outdoor use while keeping the taste of their wine. This stainless steel wine glass is trendy recently.

    Why do I choose a stemless wine glass?

    The stemless wine glass is a popular alternative for the traditional wine glass. Wine tasting takes place on different occasions. The stemmed wine glass is more elegant for a formal party and the best match for evening dresses and suits. For a casual event, however, such as a birthday party, wine tasting at home, backyard BBQ, and pool party, stemless wine glasses are gaining increasing popularity. It's more relaxing to hold than the stemmed one. And the stainless steel wine glass design is much more user friendly and durable for outdoor parties. Therefore, the stemless wine glasses will be an ideal choice as gifts for friends and families.

    Gift box for the birthday wine glass

    The packaging is one of the vital elements as it comes to gift-giving. Believe me, you don't want the hassle to look for a suitable gift box or the embarrassment of wrapping your gift simply with a paper you get from the supermarket because you can not find an appropriate gift box. Luckily, at Onebttl, the products are in gift-ready packaging, and you don't have to spend time looking for the gift box anymore.

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