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Things to consider when choosing stainless steel wine tumblers

Stainless steel wine tumbler (also known as insulated wine tumbler or stainless steel wine glass) is a new type of wine glasses. Because stainless steel won't react with alcohol, stainless wine tumblers will not affect the taste of your alcoholic drinks. The upsides of these new insulated tumblers are obvious.


Unlike traditional wine glasses, stainless steel wine glasses are almost unbreakable. They can be used for a significantly longer period of time and you don't need to drink so carefully anymore. They are the best choices for enjoying your wines outdoors.

Keep beverages cool

Insulated wine tumblers can keep drinks cold for 9 to 12 hours. Just put some ice cubes into your wine tumbler. You will find a totally new drinking experience, which is more cool, fresh, and tasty.

Used for hot drinks

Stainless steel won't resist hot drinks. Therefore, you can also use your tumbler for coffee and milk tea. And it can keep your drinks hot for several hours!

Vibrant colors and designs

Since there are more printing and coloring technologies available on stainless steel, vivid colors and designs can be printed on stainless steel wine tumblers. That's why we choose stainless steel wine glasses for many of our gift collections.

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