I'm Social Distancing Beer Glass
I'm Social Distancing Beer Glass
I'm Social Distancing Beer Glass
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    I'm Social Distancing Beer Glass

      • It will be a great challenge for us to stay away from loved ones, especially when you need comfort and support the most. We can't hug our loved ones, reunion with them, or even share a cup of tea on the kitchen table due to social distance keeping rules, but we can always do something to cheer them up and show them that we are still by their sides.
      • I want to enjoy coffee with my closest friends; hug my dearest little niece; stand outside of a bar in the sunny street corners, and drink some gins and nuts with my companions. I miss some simple fun, such as ordering junk food and watching a trash TV program. In the expectation for the year 2020, I have a lot of things to do. But now, I have to forget them temporarily. However, in this year full of challenges, we can express our love and support to the most beloved ones through several creative ways.
      • Although we are unable to sit in a bar and talk freely with friends, I am still able to deliver you my best wishes. -Onebttl Social Distancing Craft Beer Glass
      • "If you can read this, you are too close."- For those who don't care about social distancing, furious in my heart makes me can't help criticizing openly: Hey guys! If you come one more step closer, my thick-soled boots will appear on your ass and kick you off in the next second. But now, the slogan on the glass will remind those who bring pressure on social distance boundaries with the most civilized and courteous approach, "If you can read this, you are too close."
      • This particular period in 2020 will finally pass, but this memory will be the best one in the most challenging times forever. Bottoms up!
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