[Infographic] History of Graduation Caps and Graduation Gowns

by Donald Li on May 28, 2020
We have begun to get interested in the history of graduation caps and graduation gowns when we were designing our graduation mug. Therefore, we made an infographic explaining their histories. We are amazed by their stories during our research and convinced that our graduation cap and gown shaped mug will be a meaningful and fun gift for the graduates.

The interesting part is that robots wearing graduation caps and gowns take place of real graduates attending the graduation ceremony in Japan during this year's Covid-19 outbreak. It's a tough year for the class of 2020 graduates as many graduation ceremonies are postponed or canceled because of this pandemic. Many did not get the chance to celebrate graduation with classmates, friends and families. However, with new technologies such as video conferencing, AI and robots, new forms of graduation may emerge. And after the pandemic, we will embrace more vibrant and meaningful graduation in the months to come.
History of Graduation Caps and Graduation Gowns Infographic by
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